“I love stiff photos with fake smiles that say nothing about my child’s playful personality” -no parent ever

Here’s the deal: your kids are growing up. Fast. People say that ALL the time and it’s a little annoying, especially when you’re facing mealtime tantrums and nighttime visits from your toddler. It doesn’t always feel fast. Some days it feels really freaking slow.

But then you look at your last Christmas card photo and you realize your kids are 3 inches taller and their feet have grown 2 sizes. And BAM all of a sudden you’re caught in between feeling the exhaustion of parenthood and the ache in your heart from realizing they are, in fact, growing up so fast.

Let them be little, for a little while longer. 

If you want the Pinterest perfect family photo, with everyone sitting still and fake smiling for absurds amount of time, it’s robbing you of the opportunity to have photographs of your babies in all their babyness. Creating a fun environment for your photos not only reduces the stress of the experience (“Siri, remove ‘stress over family photos’ from my to-do list”), but it also gives you the most genuine, authentic images that remind you how sacred and fleeting this season of life really is.

You deserve to have the kind of photos that make you feel.