How to Coordinate Family Outfits

Do you ever have an occasion where you know you’ll want to take a family photo since everyone will be looking their best, but you don’t have the time or capacity to go out and buy everyone a new outfit? This is how I’m feeling about Easter. A lot of people plan ahead and purchase new clothes for Easter, but I never seem to have my act together to pull this off.

We are just a few days away from Easter, so I gave myself a challenge: 15 minutes to dig through everyone’s closets and coordinate outfits that will look nice for family photos this weekend. No shopping allowed. I decided to make a reel so you could watch me do it!

Does it stress you out to plan wardrobe for your family photos? First of all, I recommend you work with a photographer who can help you with the planning… Second, you might check out this post to see if it helps!

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