Personality Portraits, Lubbock Family Photographer

There are absolutely occasions for full family photos (gotta have some #proofofmom), but for this moment in time take a sec to imagine something with me…

It’s picture day, and you don’t have to get yourself ready. You might even let your kids pick their outfits, because this one’s all about THEM. While your kids laugh and make fart noises in front of the camera, you sip your Mimosa in peace while wearing your athleisure.

Hell yes.

Okay, let me back up and explain. Do you ever do the side-by-side comparison photos of “first day of school” and “last day of school”? I do, but I’m a sentimental wreck of a human so it’s always a weepy and snotty experience for me. Our kids change SO MUCH throughout the course of those 9 months. They have school pictures taken early in the school year, but by May our babies are so GROWN!

Those side-by-side iPhone shots are great and are to be treasured for sure… but wouldn’t it be special to have some professional end-of-school photos to documate (document + celebrate, try to keep up) the end of school?

I’m talking…
black + white.
simple, clean backdrop.
perfectly timeless without being stuffy.

Enter Personality Portraits. These short sessions are coming up on April 15 and I’m SO excited for this fun experience. Short, 10 minute sessions for each of your littles and you’ll have photos that are begging to be blown up and framed for your living room walls! 

The bad news: there are a very limited number of spots available

The good news: if you hustle to secure your spot, I will personally hand you your Mimosa when you arrive on April 15.

Get more information by clicking HERE or feel free to send me an email! I’d love to connect and learn about your family!