5 Kid-friendly adult hang outs in Lubbock

I am a weekly frequenter of ALL the kids play places in Lubbock. It is so helpful to be out of the house, and giving the girls opportunities to play with other kids is good for everyone. There are a few places around town that have become favorites for our family because they offer something for both the children AND the adults! If you need a break from CFA and the Science Spectrum, here are 5 of our favorite kid-friendly adult hang outs in Lubbock!

The Garden – Saturday mornings at The Garden have become a sacred time for our family during the summer months. There is an outdoor bar (stocked with Capri Suns for the kids), several yard games, and so much space for kids to run and play. The employees are the best, and often pull out bubbles and chalk for the littles. The downtown farmers market is right outside, a great place to treat the kids to some treats and support local artists. On the other side of The Garden, in Buddy Holly Plaza, there is a FREE yoga class that happens typically during the month of June! You will often see some kids trying out their warrior poses! Highly recommend trying it out.

Joe’s Crab Shack – There aren’t a ton of outdoor restaurants in Lubbock that are kid-friendly. We love going to Joe’s Crab Shack for drinks + snacks. They have a huge outdoor patio where we always sit, so the kids can run and enjoy their playground! The restaurant is rarely busy, so the stress and pressure of getting our children to behave is never an issue.

Taco Villa – Taco Villa off Milwaukee has become another favorite for our little fam! There is a great play place that keeps the kids entertained while the adults enjoy some chips + queso and margaritas. Children are everywhere, making this spot as kid-friendly as they come.

Sugar Browns – Did you know that Sugar Browns off Indiana has a small play space for kids? There is a little enclosed toy kitchen that can keep my girls preoccupied for an hour while I sip my coffee. My kids also love to split one of their chocolate donuts as a special little treat! Highly recommend!

Two Docs – Bring some chalk and snacks for the kids, and you’ll be set. Two Docs is our speed – corn hole, food trucks and often live music. It’s outdoor laid back vibes makes this one of our favorite Lubbock spots. We love meeting friends at Two Docs on warm days, and letting the kids run and play.

I hope you’ll enjoy these 5 kid-friendly adult hang outs in Lubbock! Where does YOUR family like to hang out? Send me your recommendations and I’ll do another post to share more ideas!