Lubbock Family Mini-Sessions

There was a day when I would have photos up on the blog just a couple days after the session (or even wedding!)! Things may have changed a bit over here, but in my opinion blogging these Lubbock family mini-sessions 3 months later is not half bad!!

Here’s what I’m learning about mini-session families in Lubbock: most of the time, these families aren’t necessarily looking for the cheapest photo session they can possibly find… they are looking for the most painless!!! I completely understand since becoming a parent myself. You spend all this time preparing, picking out outfits, getting everyone ready, and PRAYING that your kid will cooperate so you will have images you love. In order to reduce the stress of never knowing what to expect from your kid, you book a quick, short-and-sweet, 15-minute session in hopes you can avoid a total meltdown. I get it.

Well, these families rose the occasion last fall. They showed up prepared to do what it took for an enjoyable 15-minute session. No one was side-eyeing their kids and growling at them to behave. The children had fun, we got some seriously sweet smiles, and everyone received a gallery full of photos they loved. I love mini-session day.

Mini-sessions are seasonal events and are only available a few times a year. If you want to be among the first to know when time slots are available, scroll all the way to the bottom to sign up for the waitlist! (You definitely want to do this, they tend to sell out!!)

A little disclaimer: mini-sessions are perfect for a few updated photos for your holiday card or gallery wall. Mini-sessions are not ideal when you (a) want more than one backdrop, (b) are looking for newborn or lifestyle photos, (c) have a complicated schedule, or (d) value creative, storytelling imagery that is really only possible when it unfolds naturally during a full length photo shoot. If a full family session is more appropriate for you, but you’re worried about that meltdown I mentioned… reach out, I’ve got some great insight that will put your mind at ease!

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