Buddy Holly Hall Maternity Session

When this family reached out about maternity photos, one thing they were clear about: they wanted these to be FAMILY maternity photos. They wanted to celebrate and remember their last moments as a family of 3. I couldn’t begin to count how many family maternity sessions I’ve had over the years, but I know they are always treasured. When I look back at our family maternity photos from when I was pregnant with our second baby, I always have the same thought: it’s hard to believe there was time before Lainey was part of our family. It just feels like our family has always been like this, always been complete. But the pre-Lainey times were special too, and I want to remember them! The adventures we had as a newly married couple, our puppy days with Obu + bringing him home for the first time, the one-on-one years we had with Eva… it wouldn’t be right to skip straight to this part of our family’s story. And I think taking pictures all along the way helps remind us of this.

We took these photos outside the Buddy Holly Hall and it was COLD!!! You wouldn’t know it from their photos, but I was wearing 2 (maybe 3?) coats. Rescheduling isn’t always an option when you’re dealing with a due date!! A couple tips for taking pictures in cold weather: wear lots of layers under whatever outfits you’ve chosen. Get yourself some hand warmers and put them in your clothes or socks! And if it’s ultimately just too cold for everyone to enjoy the experience, booking a studio is always a good option.

I really enjoyed meeting this crew, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to participate in these moments. I know these will be treasured photos as their family grows!

The Buddy Holly Hall is one of my favorite spots for photo sessions. Check out another one here!