When we took our own family photos

I’m a big advocate (obviously ;)) for hiring a professional to take your family photos when possible. We try to book at least a mini-session once a year. This year I upgraded my camera, so I told myself I would attempt to take our own family photos this fall to save some money, and that we wouldn’t buy new outfits for these photos. Whatever was already in our closet is what we were going to work with. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

The Canon R6 has an Interval setting, which will allow you to take a specified number of photos with a 10 second interval in-between each shot. I set it up on a tripod and we gave it a go without a remote or trigger. We had several losers, but I’m thrilled with how many great ones we got.

Another method we tested was to shoot in video mode, then export still shots as jpgs in post-processing. This worked okay, but the photos were just kinda *meh*, and I couldn’t get the edits to match with my typical photographic style. So for consistency sake it wasn’t my favorite strategy.

I’m also lucky that Jake knows his way around a camera, and even the girls took a couple of these shots! 🙂 I wonder if you can guess which ones?