Are Mini-Sessions for You?

Here in Lubbock we are finally starting to thaw from the Snowpocalypse of 2021, which means we are HEADED TOWARD SPRING!!!!! As we prepare to shift seasons, you’re going to start hearing photographers talk about their upcoming mini-sessions. What’s all this talk about? What even IS a mini-session?

Let me get real with you. I’ve photographed COUNTLESS mini-sessions over the years, and I enjoyed them… but then I had kids. And now I LOVE THEM.

Mini-sessions are short, typically 10-20 minute sessions at a specific location on a specific date. Photographers often stack these sessions back-to-back, to accommodate as many families as possible. A lot of the time mini-session events are full of younger families with babes, toddlers + kids because HELLO ATTENTION SPAN.

I DEFINITELY think there are occasions for a full family session, that sometimes a short session stacked between others isn’t quite the right fit for the occasion. Other times, however, I HIGHLY recommend them.

Booking a mini-session might be a good idea for your family if you:

  • have small children
  • have a photographer whose work you love, but aren’t currently able to invest in his/her full session prices
  • have limited time available in your schedule
  • need an updated headshot
  • want a beautiful, professional family photo for your Christmas card

Booking a mini-session might not be a good fit if you:

  • are wanting newborn photos
  • have a specific location in mind for your photos
  • are hoping for a gallery full of 50+ images
  • are looking for an experience that is flexible to your schedule
  • have a HUGE family or a long list of specific shots you’d like to request

If you’re kinda digging the idea of a shorter session, I’ve got some GOOD NEWS! In just a few short weeks I’ll be announcing the date for my first round of mini-sessions of the year! Booking will be available to my VIP list first, before the site goes live to the public. If you think you might be interested in some more info, you should definitely sign up for this email list. Fill out the form below and I’ll keep you in the know! NO SPAM, NOT EVER. Who knows, you might even find out about some exclusive discounts… 😉