8 Things To Know About Me

I feel a little silly sitting down to write this post, because honestly — who really cares about my degree or how I like my wine?? But then I started thinking about how nice it could be to connect with some of you on a personal level! I hope my blog can be more than just sharing photos, but maybe an opportunity to get to know one another. SO… today I’m sharing a good ole cliche “get to know me” post, in hopes that I’ll hear back from you! Here we go…

  1. I have a degree in Biblical Studies, with a minor in Psychology. And where did it take me professionally? To photography. Never stop learning!
  2. 4 words: Cheap.Dry.Red.Wine. I just want to drink it, and I honestly don’t care if it costs $3 or $300.
  3. I take food seriously. If there was a 6th love language called “Food,” that would be mine. I love to cook, meal prep, order take out, read cookbooks… ALL.OF.IT.
  4. I am extremely sentimental. I think it is part of the reason I love photography as much as I do. Freezing moments so you can remember them forever? Doesn’t get more nostalgic than that. Also: when I was a kid, I cried saying goodbye to our washer and dryer when it was time to replace them. That’s a true story.
  5. With the exception of a few seasons, I have been a part of Bachelor Nation since nearly the beginning. I know the gossip, I follow the relationships. I’m not proud. But I am far too committed to bail now.
  6. Certain crunchy textures give me the heebie jeebies and make me break out in goosebumps. Apples, those puffy cheetos, Ritz crackers… the hair on my arms is literally standing up just thinking about it.
  7. The longest toe on my left food is my third toe. Yes, third. It’s like the middle finger of my foot. Creepy.
  8. I am an enneagram 6. You can count on me to be loyal to a fault and to have a back up plan for my back up plan.

Okay, hit me with it: you ready to be friends or are you running the opposite direction? I can take it.
JK- remember I’m enneagram 6, I definitely cannot take it.