One Benefit of a Strong Second Shooter

I’m not sure this is necessarily educational, but I thought today’s topic would make for a fun little “behind the scenes” post!  Having a strong second shooter has been very important to me in my preparing for weddings, because (A) I can rely on them to manage certain portions of the day, which frees me up to pay my attention elsewhere, and (B) they have the opportunity to nearly DOUBLE the amount of portraits I am able to deliver to my couples.  Today’s post is focused more on the second benefit of a strong second shooter.

As I was going through Jen + Michael’s wedding photos the Monday after their wedding, I got SO EXCITED when I ran across these two images, side-by-side:

The photo on the left was the photo I was taking, while my second shooter, Candice Adelle Photography, was snagging the one on the right.  She recognized which lens + angle I was using, and she used a different lens and photographed from a different angle, to give me a completely different picture that was taken at the same exact time.

So if you ever wonder if the wedding paparazzi is necessary, just remember this!  And if you are a photographer wondering how you can improve in your skills, a great second shooter intentionally focuses where the primary shooter is not, in order to give MORE to the couple!


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