Bittersweet Farewell

Jake and I LOVE Richmond.  Like, we love it hard.  We moved here in 2011, just one year into our marriage, and we were so excited for the adventure.  And we quickly fell in love.  The food scene, the festivals, the outdoor adventure… the proximity to the beach, mountains, wine country, D.C… the river, the cityscape, the history… the PEOPLE…

We took a leap and started a business here, one that ultimately allowed me the opportunity to have my DREAM job.   We bought a house here, and immediately started looking for a furry friend to share our Polly Pocket home with.  Obu has had so much fun here with his doggy friends and with the river essentially in his backyard.  We had our first baby here.  Eva’s first bedroom, her first church, her first best friend…

All of these things (and PLENTY more) are on my mind these days, as we start packing up our home to move across the country.  We are so excited that Jake has accepted a call to Second Baptist Church in Lubbock, Texas, to be their next Pastor!  We believe this is the right move for our family, that we are entering a new and special season of life together and are overjoyed to live alongside these people.  We will be closer to our families, and are thrilled for Eva to have more time with her cousins!

And also… there is some sadness.  It’s a little weird — I grew up moving every 3-5 years.  I’m kind of a pro at transitions like that.  I love change, and I love new adventures.  So all these “feelings” have really caught me off guard!  But someone recently offered a really helpful perspective: how fortunate I am that I have had these memories and relationships that make a cross country move so hard.  We are so painfully lucky that our response isn’t an eagerness to escape this place.  We are excited to move forward, but we have also lived some insanely great years here in Virginia.  Bittersweet in every sense of the word.

So… this is probably my last blog post for a while!  Our family is packing up and will be moving out in just one short week.  I will be taking some time off before relaunching my business in Texas, and I am SO looking forward to the undivided time + attention I’ll be able to give our family + our new home.  THANK YOU to Virginia for all the fun experiences, and for providing me the perfect landscape to grow as a photographer.  And THANK YOU to YOU for the love and support YOU have offered us over the years.  Richmond would not be as beautiful without you.

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