About Allison

Ahhh, Richmond.  This beautiful city is full of photographers, and you have your pick at a countless number of talented people.  I am honored you have found your way to my website, and hope I will get to thank you face to face for your attention to and interest in my work!

My business philosophy can be summed up in this: People are important.  I believe your upcoming wedding, your newborn baby, your life and every single one of your experiences are important, and every moment is one to remember.  I am passionate about lifestyle photography and capturing these meaningful days and moments with an authentic approach.   I want your photos to compliment your memories.

One of the most fabulous aspects of this business has been the new friends I have made along the way.  These new friends have brought to life the galleries in my website, and in our times together have showed me such deep glimpses of love, commitment, and authenticity.  I feel so blessed to be able to call this my job, and I feel privileged to work alongside the friends I have made.  My job is literally a dream come true.

Here’s a quick glimpse at who I am…

My little family is made up of an amazing husband, an impossibly sweet baby girl, and a ridiculous yet precious Goldendoodle named Obu.  I’m Richmond’s biggest fan and take full advantage of all it has to offer: been known to tip my canoe in the James River, frequent RVA dives, and host 50 people in our Polly Pocket-sized cape cod.  I excessively overuse emojis, I actually enjoy the gym, and I will always love animal print.  My shameless musical preferences range everywhere from the Avett Brothers to Whitney Houston to Rod Stewart.  Jake and I are major foodies, terrible singers, coffee cravers, adventure seekers, and every day living the dream.

PLEASE contact me — I would love to learn about you!!